That Guy


If the Bible assumes anything about people, it assumes that we are all crazy. We can be selfish, backstabbing, graspy, arrogant, and just plain difficult. With commands to be patient, forgiving and tender hearted, it’s a guarantee that our relationships are going to be messy. Yet, instead of running away when things are difficult, we are urged to deal with each other in spite of our sin. Even when we want to run the other way, we are given the command to love. Love is messy and challenging, but God urges us to get our hands messy. We invite you to join us for “That Guy” where we learn that everybody is someone's difficult person, including yourself.

date message video audio
01.27.12 What Is So Difficult message full svc message
02.03.12 Behind the Difficulty message full svc message
02.10.12 Walking with Difficulty message full svc message

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